Flat roof mounting system

Pitched roof mounting system

Outdoor mounting systems


Our PV mounting systems.

Learn everything about our photovoltaic mounting systems starting with open spaces up to carports and roofs of any kind. We are also happy to offer you substructure solutions for individual projects.

ground mounting

Our SILENOS outdoor mounting system is characterized by its simple design and flexible adjustment and compensation options.

Flat roof

Our pre-assembled, aerodynamic TRITON flat roof mounting system guarantees assembly in record time with low ballasting.

Pitched roofs

With our CHRONOS and ZELOS mounting systems, we have two solutions for pitched roofs. For slightly sloped foil and bitumen roofs we used our aerodynamic METIS mounting system.


Our HELIOS carport is available as a single, double or any scalable row carport. A large distance between the W-shaped supports allows easy parking.

Our services.

In addition to our products, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of services.




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