Mounting system for pitched roofs


Chronos Click pitched roof mounting system

In the field of pitched roof mounting systems, we offer CHRONOS Click, one of two standard variants.

The CHRONOS Click mounting system is used for mounting a photovoltaic system on all types of pitched roofs, e.g:

  • Roof tiles/tiles
  • Plain tile
  • Slates
  • Trapezoidal sheet
  • Sheet metal rebate/round rebate
  • Sandwich elements
  • Fiber cement panels.

Depending on the type of roof, the connection is made with hanger bolts, roof hooks or clamps. The pre-assembled CHRONOS adapter plate makes it easy to connect the track system with just one click. This is an absolutely unique selling point.

Clicking the 3.53 m and 5.81 m CHRONOS Click profiles into the CHRONOS adapters of the corresponding roof hooks guarantees simple and quick installation. The most commonly used roof hook is the 3-way adjustable ALU VAR roof hook (see bottom left). The modules can be mounted parallel to the roof, both horizontally and vertically. The standard system structure is single-layer, but can also be realized as a two-layer cross-bond.

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The T.Werk CHRONOS Click mounting system not only holds bombproof, it also saves up to 40% time during installation. This makes CHRONOS probably the quickest rail system to install for PV installations. We are happy to compete with other systems.

Application area

Can be used on all sloped roofs

System information

Weight: 0.945 kg/m
Rail length: 3.53 or 5.81 m
Special solutions possible


single-ply or two-ply cross-bonded

Special features

Up to 40% faster compared to conventional systems