Introduction Team T.Werk

We give you an insight into the T.Werk. team.
Manuel Lindenmayer answers five questions about his experiences with us.

What is your role at T.Werk and how long have you been there?
My job is the project planning and design of mounting systems for solar installations and I have been part of the team since August 2023.

Why T.Werk?
There are many reasons: The opportunity to make a contribution to the energy transition, a super nice team and flexible working hours.
Basically, I think T.Werk’s sustainability concept is great. I can be directly involved in the construction of solar systems and am a direct part of the entire process.
Within one to three years, the energy yield of a photovoltaic system exceeds the energy consumed during its installation. In principle, I therefore feel that my work is extremely meaningful and has a promising future.

What do you particularly like about your job?
I particularly like the interesting projects and the variety of tasks. My most extensive project so far has been the improvement and finalization of our design software. I was in close contact with the development company and my colleagues.
The planning software is designed to plan the layout of our substructures in combination with the respective PV modules. This is initially designed for our pitched and flat roof solutions and will be expanded in the future to include carports and agri-PV.

What motivates you?
The team spirit, very good coffee and the opportunity to make a difference. At T.Werk I can get fully involved and at the end I can see the result on a roof or on an open space. It’s very fascinating to take the projects from my screen into the field.

What moves you in your private life this year?
I bought a house four years ago and am still renovating. This year I really want to install a solar system so that I can charge my electric car in a CO2-neutral way.