Mounting system for open spaces


Silenos outdoor mounting system

In the field of outdoor mounting systems we offer our SILENOS outdoor system.

The SILENOS ground mounting system can be used flexibly in any terrain. Depending on local conditions, the system is rammed, set in concrete or doweled onto strip foundations. For the pile-driving system, a choice can be made between a one-post and two-post system. A variant of the dowelled system can also be mounted on 40” containers.

As standard, 2 or 3 modules are mounted upright. A different arrangement (e.g. transverse mounting) is individually possible. The module inclination, as well as the length of the tables, is customized. Endlostics are provided with defined thermal expansion interruptions. There are no prerequisites regarding the module. The hole pattern of the module support rails and crossbars is manufactured on a project-specific basis. The modules are clamped on the long module side. Approval by the module manufacturer is not required. Optionally, the mounting system can be grounded.

The SILENOS ground mounting system is characterized by a simple system design and flexible adjustment and compensation options, even on difficult and hilly terrain. A variable headboard is used here. In addition, a cable duct integrated into the module support rail reduces the material and installation costs.

is the companion and tutor of Dionysus, god of wine and fertility, in Greek mythology. SILENOS usually accompanies Dionysus through the countryside and is known for his ability to make prophecies.

We at T.Werk have taken his experience with almost all types of terrain as an opportunity to name our outdoor system after SILENOS. The T.Werk SILENOS system is a safe and durable foundation for PV systems, even on hilly terrain. It ensures that the “yield prophecy” can also be fulfilled.

Module arrangement

2 or 3 modules upright
4,5 or 6 modules crosswise

System information

Inclination: 15° – 25°
Bottom edge of module: 0,8m
Individual solutions possible


Fastening on the long side of the module – no release from the module manufacturer necessary



1-post system
2-post system
Pile driving or concreting