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HELIOS Carport

Helios Carport

In the field of carport assembly systems we offer our HELIOS Premium carport system.

HELIOS carport convinces with its W-shaped supports with an elegant and clean design. In addition to the supports, the extra large and wide parking spaces also ensure easy parking. In general, the HELIOS carport is available as a single, double or arbitrarily scalable row carport and can thus be used flexibly in both the private and commercial sectors. Special attention is paid to the high quality finish for sophisticated requirements.

Even in the standard version, the HELIOS carport is designed for very high wind and snow loads. The static calculation of the carport is carried out according to the valid standards and guidelines as well as the load assumptions according to Eurocode 1 (DIN EN 1991-1). The carport is founded on strip footings according to a specified foundation and reinforcement plan.

Depending on the customer’s request, the HELIOS carport is available with or without PV mounting system. You can choose between a version with 5 modules crosswise or 3 modules upright (approx. 5.9 m projected area).

Constructively, the carport was designed to ensure quick and easy assembly. Pre-punched holes in the supports are provided for mounting charging columns and inverters.

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Natürlich heißt unser Carport HELIOS.


5 Module quer
3 Module hochkant

Projected area

5.91 m² projected area under the carport.


easy mounting on concrete foundations


Project related statics

with load assumptions according to Eurocode 1