Mounting system for flat roofs


Metis – non-penetrative mounting system

For all slightly sloping roofs with bitumen or foil covering

The METIS mounting system is used for roof-parallel mounting of PV modules on sloped foil and bitumen roofs. Here, the modules are installed exclusively with ballasting and completely without roof penetration. When it comes to securing against slipping, T.Werk offers you the optimal solution for your project.

A wind assessment and optimization in the WtG-approved boundary layer wind tunnel can ensure safe and economical installation of the modules. The standard arrangement in our METIS system is the upright mounting in a cross-connection with a row spacing of 120 mm.

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The T.Werk METIS system outwits pitched flat roofs by ensuring a stable foundation for the PV modules with little effort and great safety, even on “sloping” flat roofs.

System structure

in cross connection

System details

Height without modules: 56.6 mm
Weight without modules: 2.2kg/m²

Roof attachment

Weighting, without roof penetration

Use of Metis

inclined foil and bitumen roofs