Mounting system for pitched roofs


Zelos pitched roof mounting system

In the field of pitched roof mounting systems we offer our ZELOS mounting system.

The ZELOS mounting system is used for mounting a photovoltaic system on sloping roofs of all types (rafter/ purlin roof; roof tiles/slates, plain tile roofing, slates, trapezoidal sheet metal, seam roofing, sandwich elements, fiber cement panels).

Depending on the roof, the roof is attached with hanger bolts, roof hooks and clamps. Especially the triple in two directions adjustable ZELOS roof hook ALU VAR provides flexibility. The connection of the 3.53m or 5.81m long ZELOS profile is universally possible due to its lateral and the lower channel with hammerhead screws M8 28/15 and flange nut M8.

Another strength of the mounting system is the click system for mounting the module clamps. The modules are mounted crosswise or upright parallel to the roof. Adapted to this, the system is built up as a single-layer or two-layer cross-bonded system.

The ZELOS system is therefore a flexible system for small spans with short assembly time. It is supplemented by a project-specific wind suction calculation as proof of stability.


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The T.Werk ZELOS system masters all types of pitched roofs, whether rafter / purlin roofs, roof tiles, plain tile roofing, slate tiles, trapezoidal sheet metal, seamed roofing, sandwich panels or fiber cement panels.

Application area

Can be used on all tilted roofs

System information

Weight: 0,79 kg/m
Rail length: 3.2 – 5.3m
Special solutions possible


single layer or
two-ply cross-bonded

Special features

Triple roof hook adjustable in two directions
Universal profile connection