We are pleased to present you our new premium carport HELIOS. The carport will be available in Q1. Pilot projects will be implemented as early as January.


  • Elegant, clean design
  • Easy parking due to W-shaped support arrangement
  • Can be used for very high snow loads even in the standard version
  • Convenient parking and easy exit due to wide parking spaces
  • Available with and without PV mounting system
  • Available as single and double carport as well as row carport for any even and odd rows of parking spaces
  • High quality design with laser cut square tubes
  • High limit support width of the trapezoidal sheet (can also be walked on by individuals without load-distributing measures)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Charging stations, inverters, etc. are easy to install
  • In a further development step also usable for transparent glass-glass modules without additional roofing
  • Carport customizable according to customer requirements (size, color, foundation preparation, etc.)


  • Entry height: approx. 2.97 m; Front clearance height: approx. 1.90 m
    Inclination: 10
  • Total height: 3.30 m
  • Axle dimensions /post spacing: 6.0 m for double carport (DC) and 3.0 m for single carport (EC)
  • Roofed cantilever: 0.5 m
  • Parking space width: approx. 2.85 m
  • Parking lot length: approx. 6.41 m (Projected area)
  • Roof length 6.5 m (standard module assignment: 6 modules crosswise with trapezoidal sheet metal short rails)
  • Strip foundation size depending on location (Ex: approx. 3.0×1.5×0.25 m; 1.13 m³)
  • On a 50×50 m (2,500m²) area fit incl. driving lanes between the parking spaces 96 vehicles (6 rows á 8 double carports) and approx. 360 kWp (972 modules with 370 Wp, 1.740×1.030×35 mm)