TRITON Upgrades

Our fully pre-assembled flat roof assembly system is getting two great upgrades early next year:

  • In the future, our TRITON system will not only be set up in a flash, but will also safely deflect the lightning in the event of an incident. Currently we are testing the TRITON system as a natural part of the down-conductor of a lightning protection system according to DIN EN62305-3 (VDE 0185-305-3) including verification of the lightning current carrying capacity for test class H(100 kA) following the test methods of DIN En 62561-1 (VDE 0185-561-1).
  • Due to the changed fire protection regulations of the flat roof guideline, some proven pressure-resistant insulations can no longer be used without further ado for flat roofs. Therefore, some flat roof manufacturers use mineral insulation which often has lower compressive strengths. To take advantage of this potential PV area, load sharing panels for the Triton system will be available in Q1 2021. There is virtually no change to the assembly speed.
  • By placing the load distribution plate underneath, as the name suggests, the pressure at the individual load application points is reduced by increasing the contact area.

Other advantages of the load distribution plates:

  • Floating support of the elevations on the floor slabs. This reduces effects due to thermal expansion in longer series
  • Building protection mat is not visible and completely fixed under the panel and therefore even more securely fixed and permanently protected from UV radiation.