Our TRITON flat roof solution becomes “standard

? A highly interesting message from a well-known competitor reached us a short time ago via social media and the relevant specialist literature:

A large competitor is copying in large parts our so incredibly successful flat roof application TRITON South / TRITON East/West. In one article, this “news” is even sold as “innovative”.

? However, the newly presented “innovation” of plug-in connections with bolts instead of screw connections has already been standard with our TRITON flat roof system since its market launch in 2016. The same applies to the almost complete pre-assembly. Therefore, we “pin” the innovation to our “old hat” and are pleased that our intelligent and assembly-friendly ideas are not only received with enthusiasm by our customers and installers, but also inspire our competitors. ?

? With the assembly times we “put” anyway all in the bag, because with the TRITON system must module clamps except, actually ONLY! plugged and not screwed.

This is also reflected by the PIF Gold Medal winning MTP Award from the University of Poznan.

Currently, we have adapted our TRITON system to the module market and also have the exactly suitable elevation for the larger PV modules with the half-cell technology. Of course, without sawing and measuring on the roof.

TRITON flat roof system - half-cell modules

TRITON flat roof system – half-cell modules


Pitched roof: adjustment of rail lengths

Like our TRITON system, we have also adapted our CHRONOS and ZELOS pitched roof system to the new modules with the half-cell technology. Since these are about 20 to 40 mm wider than the previous standard 60 cell modules, our previous rail lengths of 3.15 and 5.15 m no longer fit the modules perfectly.

? From now on, our rails are therefore also available in lengths of 3.20 m and 5.30 m. Of course, you can also get the rails on request size and / or black anodized. Just talk to us about it.